about this somewhat worthless site

This site is here cause I felt like putting one up, but mostly so that I had a server I could store stuff on. I don't write a blog, though I keep meaning to change that. I am on twitter, facebook, linkedin, github.com, and elsewhere. You can find me if you really know me. Sometimes I write stuff and then later change my mind. Or sometimes it might suck out loud, in which case I'll probably remove it. If you want to email me, I'm sure you already know my email (or figure it out given what the domain name is and information on this page).

I've been on the net with email for awhile (I don't count anymore). I remember going to college and getting my first email address. All we had as a dialup, text based, connection to a hp 68k machine in the bowels of Main. Didn't even have mutt. Until my Junior year we just had a 56k line for 2,300 some students, staff, and administration. The school wanted faster, but the local telecom wouldn't provide faster unless the school paid the total cost to lay the data line hundreds of miles from the near "big" town. They wouldn't even provide a point of presence connection for a local ISP until after they were taken to court. Gopher was still cool (and there was lots out there). I remember when webcams were new, and there were very few. First time I connected to a webcam you could pan, and it was unbelievably cool! Now you can go to Mammoth Mountain and have more control over a far better camera then anyone was even considering. I remember webvan. I remember when Amazon first started. I was in the Bay Area just as the dot-com bubble burst, and was still under paid. Of course I was largely unaffected by it busting, so I still ended up ahead of others who were better paid. I remember when lycos was king. babblefish was amazing. MacBSD took all night to download and it was only a few hundred megs. Now I have more bandwidth at home then I had for the whole time I was in college. I even remember Kaypro II being the closest thing to a laptop you could get. Cellphones couldn't be answered in movie theaters. Man have things gotten *cool* or what!

It has been awhile since I updated this, I'm now been married and now am the "responsible" adult with a child. I've been using virr as an online handle for pretty much the whole time I've been online. I like to inline speed skate, even if I haven't made to the Saturday morning skates in _way_ too long. I like commuting to work on my bicycle when I can. There are pictures of me on the net, but you'll have to find them for your self. Once long ago I founded an irc channel, but don't even know if the channel is still around.