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Eudora Launcher 1.5

Released 11/11/2000

Note On Current Development:

Since I don't work in a lab environment anymore, and no one has shown any interest in Eudora Launcher, I have stopped development on it. I assume it will work on Mac OS Classic and the current Eudora with little modification (if any). If anyone is at all interested in Eudora Launcher, or wants to work on it themselves I will gladly help you get started. All you would have to do is ask.


Eudora Launcher is a script that enables Eudora to be used in a lab setting, with all of the users' files for Eudora being stored on their own disk. With the latest version of Eudora Launcher you are able to change site specific settings without opening the script in Script Editor. In order to do this, you must launch the Set Eudora Launcher script, enter the requested data, choose the Eudora Launcher you want to set and then choose to set it. It is suggested that you use Set Eudora Launcher on the Run-Only script included and then run the Lock Eudora Launcher script to lock your changes in place. Before you start running Eudora Launcher please read the ReadMe included in the distribution. If you don't look at it you are bound to get caught be a few idiosyncrasies of the Mac OS, At Ease, On Guard, or another security related program. I tried to cover everything, but if you think I missed something email me. Finally if you want to modify the script itself feel free to crack it open in Script Editor, but be warned this script is right at the edge of 32k. This means that you cannot add much more to the script without Script Editor complaining. Also, if you do make changes please send them to me. If you can't send a script that big then email me and we will figure something out. I am no longer working on it, but if I get feedback from someone I will. Although I have tried to test this script, there could be bugs .


I have only been able to test it on 7.6.1, and 8.1 when still at school with On Guard (some minimal 8.5 testing too). I have also done some testing in 8.6, but since I graduated I have not had a chance to test it with On Guard. It should work with 7.5 or later. Until someone tests it on 7.5 or 7.5.5, with At Ease I can't know for sure. Also use it with Eudora 3.1.1, or 3.1.3 (read the Readme; there is some pertinent information about Eudora 3.1.3 for those trying to launch Eudora like Eudora Launcher does). Of course it might work with later versions, but I have not tested it (again because I have stopped development). For more information see the Readme. If the Readme doesn't answer your questions email me using the link below. In fact if you have any comments, find any bugs, or would just like to email me you can do so.


At one time I started updating Eudora Launcher by using smile. This is a great editor that is not limited to 32k like Apple's Script Editor. Once again if you have any interest in Eudora Launcher, even if you would like it to work with another email program email me at the address below.


Download it here EudoraLauncher1.5.sit ~84k or so

I can be reached at for Eudora Launcher related questions, comments on this webpage, problems, dead link, etc.

updated Monday, July. 12, 2002