Wish List

This is a evolving list of items. As I update the list I change the shades of red, to reflect how long ago an item was added or last changed. As it gets "closer" to my Birthday or Christmas I am less and less likely to buy stuff from this list. I also change this list more often when it is "closer" to either, so for a current list you will need to check back. After Christmas, or my Birthday, or anytime not "close" to either I do buy stuff from this list. If I get it I try to quickly mark it like this. If it was on the list, but isn't now don't worry too much. I probably still want it, but have decided to list other things on the list instead. Just in case you can check with my wife.

Another place to look is my Amazon Wish List , seriously a good place to look for specific items and ideas.

This is stuff I got, left here, but will be removed later.